Household Tips: 20 Unusual Uses for Pantyhose (WWII Series)

What do you do with your old pantyhose? The other day I was getting ready to throw out an old pair when it occurred to me that my grandmother probably had some really clever household tips for using them. I immediately sent an email to family members to see if they remembered any ways that grandma would use old pantyhose. I didn't think that I was going to get much of a response to the email, but to my surprise they were able to come up with 20 uses.

Household Tips
Picture from: Curvy Plus Me

Household Tips

  1. Skin – to clean, place soap slivers in an old pair of pantyhose. When you've collected enough, use it for next shower.
  2. Skin – to exfoliate, use pantyhose instead of a cloth or sponge.
  1. Deodorant – to remove residue from clothing, use a pair of pantyhose as a mitt and wipe it away.
  2. Lint – to remove, use a pair of pantyhose as a mitt and wipe the lint away.
  3. Metal – to shine, buff item with pantyhose.
  4. Scrubber – to make your own, pour a cup of used coffee grounds into the leg of a pair of old, pantyhose and tie off the end.
  5. Shoes – to shine, use a pair of pantyhose to buff them.
  1. Bunge Cords – to bundle items together, use the legs of a pair of pantyhose.
  2. Carpet – to find small, lost items, cover the hose of your vacuum with a pair of pantyhose.
  3. Flower Bulbs – to store, place the bulbs in a pair of pantyhose.
  4. Garden – to keep deer away, place hair that has collected in your hairbrush or from a recent hair cut in a pair of stockings and hang in your garden.
  5. Garden – to keep fruits from touching the ground, tie the plants up with the legs of a pair of pantyhose.
  6. Garden – to protect fruits and vegetables from bugs place pantyhose over squash and melons while they are still growing.
  7. Gift Wrapping – to store rolls of paper, place them in the legs of a pair of pantyhose.
  8. Hair – to tie back, use the waistband of an old pair of pantyhose like you would a hair tie.
  9. Onions and potatoes – to store, place them in the legs of a pair of pantyhose and hang them in a cool area to keep them from rotting.
  10. Pillows – to add stuffing, uses some old pantyhose.
  11. Soil – to keep it from eroding, line your flowerpots with pantyhose before filling with soil.
  12. Strainer – to make one in a pinch, use a pair of pantyhose instead of cheesecloth.
  13. Winter – to keep warm, climb into a pair or two of pantyhose before putting on your pants.
Do you have any household tips using pantyhose?
* If, by some small miracle, you worked at Amway in Ada, MI in the 1980's and were the person my mother loaned the notebook to, please Contact Me. The notebook is a small (aprox. 6"x9") black leather, 3-ring binder, and contains hand drawn patterns (teddy bear), recipes and household tips and tricks. It would mean so much to my family to have it back.


  1. Nice list, Robin!
    I have to admit I've never thought at pantyhose for store rolls of gift wrapping paper or for lining flowerpots!
    Now I only have to start wearing pantyhoses... or I could collect them used from my neighbours (but they already think I'm weird: I make my soaps, sew my clothes, grow my vegs... Yes, I'm a strange woman LOL)
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.com

  2. Great tips for uses! Pantyhoses can also be used for exercise resistance band.

  3. such fun tips

    amazing to think
    of all the uses for an old pair of stockings

    would love for you to share
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  4. What a useful list. So many uses I never thought of. :) Thanks for sharing at The Gathering Spot. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Really interesting - great uses - I'll have to keep the old ones on standby! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  6. Love the idea of using it on the end of your vacuum to find missing items!