Paraffin Wax - 17 Uses (WWII Series)

Paraffin Wax, thank goodness my aunt pulled this one out just in time for this weeks WWII post. I'm beginning to run out of common household items to continue this series. In the next couple of weeks I'll be putting a new twist on this series, so make sure that you come back for more WWII fun and information.

Paraffin Wax Uses:

  • Jams & Jellies – to preserve, fill a canning jar a ½ inch from the top with jam. While the jam is still hot pour melted (food grade) wax over the top to seal.
  • Bottles – to seal, dip the top of the bottle in melted wax.
  • Irons – to keep them smooth, rub hot iron over a bar of wax wrapped in cloth.
  • Drawers – to lubricate, rub a bar of wax over the sliders.
  • Windows – to keep them opening and closing smoothly, run a bar of wax over the tracks.
  • Zippers – to keep them from sticking, rub the teeth of the zipper with a bar of wax.
  • Snow Shovels – to help the snow slide off of the shovel, rub a bar of wax over a dry shovel.
  • Toboggans – to lubricate, rub the skis with a bar of wax.
  • Trash cans – to keep things from sticking, coat the inside with melted wax.
  • Chocolate Making – for a shiny coat, add a little (food grade) wax to the melted chocolate.
  • Hard Cheese – to keep it fresh, dip the exposed cheese in melted (food grade) wax.
  • Handrails – to lubricate, rub the handrails with a bar of wax.
  • Steel or Iron – to prevent oxidation, rub the surface with a bar of wax.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – to keep fresh longer, dip the fruit or vegetables in melted (food grade) wax. This will slow down the moisture loss and keep them from spoiling.
  • Candles – to make your own, there are several tutorials on the web for making your own candles.
  • Hands & Feet – to soften, dip hands and feet into a low-temp wax bath. Wait 10-15 minutes then remove the wax.
  • Crayons – to make your own, all you need is paraffin wax and some pigments.
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  1. Oh I remember making candles with this years ago. I really should give it another go soon - it has been too long. Love your WWII complilation posts!

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  3. Geez, I had no idea you could you this for so many things! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up with me and Lish for Loves on a Thursday!

  4. What a great post on all the ways to use paraffin Wax.......There were a few things I knew like sealing jelly, iron, drawers, candy making and candles. This was a very information post. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

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  7. having read all your previous posts and the marvelous mulitiple uses of these household items you share, I wonder how over time we've almost lost all this amazing knowledge - I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  8. Great uses for wax Robin. I'm so glad you joined us at Transformed Tuesday.

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