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Exercise Hot Tubs

Is a Swim Spa Right for You?

A swim spa is just what many people need if they want the convenience of a pool, combined with the features of a hot tub. While many people think of them as being primarily for therapeutic purposes, they are also useful for athletes who want to stay in top condition. Families who like to have a place for swimming, without the upkeep required for a pool, also enjoy having a swim spa.

Exercise hot tubs are useful for people with injuries or arthritis who benefit from hot water. They offer many of the advantages of hydrotherapy pools that physical therapy centers use, without needing to leave the home. Arthritis sufferers benefit from hydrotherapy, without having to set out appointments at physical therapy clinics.

How to Treat Puffy Eyes

16 ways to reduce puffy eyes using a few of grandma's amazing tricks.

Reduce Puffiness

Why is it, whenever there's a special occasion, my allergies tend to flare up, causing my eyes to swell like water balloons? Luckily over the years I've learned some anti-puffiness measures that I can use ahead of time to combat the effects.

I've also learned some last minute tricks to reduce puffiness caused from unexpected swelling, You know, the puffiness you get from crying. Where did I learn these amazing tricks you might ask, from my brilliant grandmother of course. Her home journal was busting at the seams with all kinds of helpful tid-bits, like her tips for treating puffy eyes.

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