Repel Mosquitoes - Look in Your Pantry

Best Mosquito Repellent
When we lived in Michigan, I remember mosquitoes being a huge problem, in fact we used to call them the Michigan Air Force, that's how bad they were. There wasn't an outdoor activity that didn't require some stinky, toxic spray.

Now being back in the mid-west and having to deal with mosquitoes again I've been looking for alternatives to that nasty smelling spray that I remembered so well. After doing some research I remarkably found that the best mosquito repellent could be found in our pantry. 

31 of the Best Acne & Blemish Remedies

Best Acne Treatments
I've been battling acne since my early teens. I've tried just about every medication known to man and while most of them did the job they also did a job on my wallet.

When our oldest son started getting breakouts I thought there must be a cheaper way to treat our acne. With a little research I found that the best acne treatments could be found in our kitchen.

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